From Father Peter and Father Anselm

Dear Beloved Parish Family,

As we come together as a family to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, we are filled with immense joy and gratitude for the blessing of sharing this sacred season with every one of you. Christmas is a time of profound significance, a celebration of hope, love, and the miraculous gift of God’s presence among us. It is a celebration of the unalloyed love that God has bestowed upon us through the birth of His Son, a love that knows no bounds and transcends all challenges. This love is the foundation of our faith, and it unites us as a parish family.

Christmas is an opportunity to thank many parishioners who give in abundance their time, resources, and talents in making our parish the vibrant, faith-filled community that it is today. To our parish staff and all the parish volunteers who are the heartbeat of this parish, we are truly grateful for all you do. Please keep up the good work!

We have enjoyed working with you and we continue to appreciate your love and support. May the bonds we share as a community grow stronger, and may the laughter and joy of the season bring a sparkle to your eyes and warmth to your souls. As we look back on the challenges and triumphs of the past year, let us approach the coming year with a renewed sense of hope in God whose love for us is incomprehensible. Let’s never forget what Pope St John Paul II said: “Christmas is not a day or a Season, it is a way of living”. May the mystery of Christmas continue to inspire us as we live out OUR VISION as a parish

We are wishing you and your loved ones a blessed and Merry Christmas!

With love and prayers,

Fr Peter Padsungay and Fr Anselm Okeke