From Father Peter and Father Anselm




Dear Friends in Christ

Easter is here again! Alleluia! Easter is a great season like no other. The Easter story is one of Hope and God’s infinite love for humanity. It resounds the foundation of our Christian faith and the restoration of our broken relationship with God. For as Scripture says: ‘If Christ has not been raised, our faith is useless’ (1Cor. 14:17). We rejoice for Christ is risen and the ransom for our sins has been paid through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The miracle of Easter is that the Resurrection of Jesus means that we don’t need to fear. 1John 4:18 says. ‘there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.’ On their way to the tomb where Jesus was buried, the women were troubled and were asking each other. ‘Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb’? The anxiety of these women, as they headed to the tomb was understandable. In our life’s journey, we face different moments of anxiety that we find ourselves asking the same or similar questions.

‘Who will roll away the stone for us?’ This question remains relevant for us today. Who will roll away the stone of terror and violence, or the persecution of Christians and wars? Who will roll away the stones of illness and brokenness? Who will roll away the stone of uncertainties and fears? The questions are innumerable. As we live in today’s changing world, we are constantly overwhelmed with heartbreaking and devasting news. Who should we turn to in a time like this? When the women who went to anoint the Body of Christ finally got to the tomb, to their greatest astonishment, the stone had been rolled away. This incident leaves a symbolic message for everyone of us this Easter season. The message is that Jesus our Redeemer, our Friend, and our Saviour has come to make all things new. (Reveelation 21:5)

As the world continues to recover from the challenging years of loss, lockdown and isolation, let us find a renewed sense of hope in Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the source of hope for humanity. Let us therefore, fan the flame of hope that has been given to us through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and help everyone, especially those who are facing different challenges to believe that Jesus has rolled away the stone.

Let us rejoice and be glad for Easter is here and stone has been rolled away forever.

Happy Easter!

Father Peter and Father Anselm