Mass at St. Francis Xavier

You are very welcome to our places of worship.

Here are our normal Mass times.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated people can worship together as of 18th October 2021. Please continue to wear a mask and observe the 4 sq metre rule while in our Churches.




6.00 pm Vigil


9.00 am

11.00 am

Lennox Head

5.00 pm Vigil

Lennox Head

7.30 am

Weekday Masses

12.00 noon

Tuesday to Friday

Masks must be worn when attending Mass. There is no singing by congregants and the 4 square metre rule applies with in our two churches. Ballina church is restricted to 92 people at any one time. Lennox Head is restricted to 35 people at any one time.

Please Register by phoning  6681 1048 during office hours 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday to attend any of our Parish Masses or use the QR codes located on the doors of both Churches. For your convenience attendance sheets are provided upon arrival to manually leave your contact details when attending Mass.

Please do not attend Mass if you are not feeling well

  • Use hand sanitiser provided at entrance and exit doors.
  • Sit on crosses (X) allocated in the pews  to comply with the required social distancing rules of 4 square metres (families can sit together).
  • Singing not  permitted by congregants (choir of no more than 10 allowed) .
  • 5 x weekend Masses and 4 x weekday Masses are celebrated each week in our parish.
  • Our churches are open for private prayer Monday to Friday, please sign the sheet provided when visiting or use the QR code.