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January - March 2013


29th March 2013:  Thousands pray Stations of the Cross with Pope Francis 

22nd March 2013:  Pope Francis speaks to diplomats on moral relativism & other matters 

21st March 2013:  message of Pope Francis to Archbishop Justin Welby at his enthronement as the new Archbishop of Canterbury - & publication of earlier letter of congratulations from former Pope Benedict XVI when the appointment was announced 

20th March 2013:  Pope Francis meeting with religious leaders who attended his inauguration Mass 

15th March 2013:  Pope Francis greeted by world leaders 

15th March 2013:  Pope Francis addresses the cardinals and greets them personally 

15th March 2013:  Vatican condemnation of false accusations against former Cardinal Bergoglio coming from Argentina 

14th March 2013:  Pope Francis' first Mass as pope - the message 

14th March 2013:  Pope Francis first day - visits shrine of Mary in St Mary Major, collects luggage and pays bill at hotel 

13th March 2013:  biography of Cardinal Bergoglio that first appeared in UK's 'Catholic Herald' in 2005 during that interregnum 

13th March 2013:  biography of Jorge Bergoglio -- the new Pope Francis

13th March 2013:  HABEMUS PAPAM!!  Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio elected as Pope Francis - the first pope to be called Francis in 2000 years - see also here

9th March 2013:  Detailed schedule for Conclave released 

9th March 2013:  Cardinals about to enter conclave 

8th March 2013:  announcement that Conclave for new pope will begin on Tuesday 12th 

8th March 2013:  Thursday afternoon meeting of cardinals 

7th March 2013:  final cardinal arrives for pre-conclave meetings 

7th March 2013:  Cardinals have still not set date for beginning of conclave 

6th March 2013:  Cardinals pray for the Church at St Peter's Basilica 

4th March 2013:  role of Cardinal Camerlengo (chamberlain) during Sede Vacante

1st March 2013:  Camerlengo seals papal apartments until a new pope is elected 

1st March 2013:  Dean of the College of Cardinals summons all cardinals for the first gathering on Monday 4th March to prepare for the conclave 

1st March 2013:  former pope is resting and reading on his first day of retirement 

1st March 2013:  names of the members of the College of Cardinals who will prepare for the conclave 

1st March 2013:  stamps & coins of 'sede vacante' period for Vatican City 

1st March 2013:  Swiss guards lock gates at Castel Gandolfo and go off duty as retiring Pope becomes the Pope Emeritus at 8 pm local - 6 am AEDT 

28th February 2013:  Pope Benedict XVI - final greeting and blessing from Castel Gandolfo 

28th February 2013:  Retiring Pope's departure from Vatican City 

28th February 2013:  Pope Benedict XVI final meeting with the cardinals 

27th February 2013:  entire text of the final General Audience of Pope Benedict XVI 

26th February 2013:  The retiring Benedict XVI will be known as the 'pope emeritus' following his retirement 

25th February 2013:  Pope Benedict XVI signs Motu Proprio allowing an early conclave if that is the choice of the cardinals 

24th February 2013:  U.S. Protestant scholar praises ecumenical approach from Pope Benedict XVI 

24th February 2013:  last Sunday Angelus of Pope Benedict XVI 

23rd February 2013:  communique from Secretary of State of the Vatican 

21st February 2013:  new pope will handle problem of schismatic Society of St Pius X 

21st February 2013:  Pope praised for trailblazing unity with Anglicans 

21st February 2013:  some of the final activities of Pope Benedict XVI 

20th February 2013:  between popes, Vatican business continues almost as usual 

15th February 2013:  Conclave will silence at least 9 tweeting cardinals 

14th February 2013:  excellent article on the media treatment of the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI - from the London Telegraph

14th February 2013:  Pope Benedict preaches of humility and Christian unity at his last public Mass as pope 

14th February 2013:  Pope explains how media helped spread misinterpretations of Vatican II to the world 

13th February 2013:  Pope Benedict grateful for support of faithful

13th February 2013:  Papal spokesman on procedures re retirement of pope and the following conclave

11th February 2013:  from the Director of the Holy See Press Office on announcement of resignation of Pope Benedict XVI - the first pope to resign in 600 years

11th February 2013:  composition of the Conclave of 2013

11th February 2013:  Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals, expresses support of the cardinals for Pope Benedict XVI

11th February 2013:  Pope Benedict XVI announces that he will RETIRE

8th February 2013:  report finds Chinese Communist persecution of Christians is increasing 

8th February 2013:  US/Can ordinariate (former Anglicans) celebrates first anniversary 

6th February 2013:  progress in world bishops' abuse response 

5th February 2013:  Catholic or Anglican burial for remains of Catholic King Richard III who died in 1485 and whose remains have just been found 

1st February 2013:  new Vatican vocations booklet released 

1st February 2013:  Los Angeles Archbishop Gomez praised for his ideal approach to removing two bishops from official duties 

28th January 2013:  Relationship between faith and marriage - pope 

24th January 2013:  Redemptorist deeply regrets actions of suspended Irish media priest 

18th January 2013:  Without the search for unity faith would be abandoned 

17th January 2013:  Bishop in Mali (west Africa) says his flock are in hiding from Islamist attack 

15th January 2013:  over 1000 priests in England & Wales write letter to British government defending Marriage 

11th January 2013:  Pope's Twitter success seen as breakthrough for the new evangelisation 

4th January 2013:  Former Anglicans - Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham - given beautiful church in London 

4th January 2013:  Schismatic bishop - leader of SSPX - condemns Jews and others 

1st January 2013:  Pope's New Year message and greetings 


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